COVID-19 - Supporting our customers and employees

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Baar, March 2020

Dear Customers,

This is an unprecedented time for all of us. On behalf of Medela, I would like to thank all doctors, nurses, healthcare professionals and care teams that are caring for patients during this global pandemic. Their courage is inspirational. As these healthcare professionals work tirelessly to help patients and support our communities, Medela has also taken steps to help address this global public health crisis to ensure supply, triple the production of the most urgent products, provide information to our customers and protect the safety of our employees:

  • Ensuring access to our products. We are carefully managing our entire supply chain and have built a dedicated COVID-19 team who is continuously assessing the situation and works with our suppliers and partners to ensure timely delivery of our products and continued safe manufacturing. While some delays of individual products can currently not be ruled out, we are presently not expecting any major impact on our ability to supply our customers with the desired products. The situation remains of course very dynamic and we will be updating this information as needed.
  • Tripling the production of our Airway & Surgical Suction and Chest Drainage Systems. As hospitals around the world are seeking to expand their capacity and set-up temporary care facilities, the demands for our mobile airway & surgical suction pumps and for our mobile digital chest drainage systems has increased significantly. Indeed, our surgical suction devices have a special virus filter system and the mobility of our devices is essential when no access to central hospital vacuum is available. We are doing everything to meet these urgent demands and are working on tripling our production capacity as fast as possible.
  • Being there for mums and healthcare professionals in times of uncertainty. With the coronavirus disease spreading, so are many doubts, concerns and inaccurate information. As the go-to partner for healthcare professionals as well as pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, we aim to provide them with accurate answers about breastfeeding and COVID-19 and help them cope in these difficult times. Indeed, breastfeeding and mother’s own milk are more important than ever at this time, as they protect against many illnesses. Therefore, Medela has created a specific COVID-19 online information hub around breastfeeding to give our customers the latest and most credible information. We further support our online community on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn with advice and updates.
  • Protecting our employees and local communities. We have established global and local task forces to continuously provide our employees with accurate, specific and timely information, answer their questions and concerns and give them guidance in these uncertain times. We have implemented remote work options for nearly all employees who are able to do so and increased safety measures to help mitigate the spread of the virus. For other roles, such as manufacturing and distribution, we have optimised our shift models to minimise personal contact amongst operators as well as to external personnel. This is supported by onsite working guidelines and increased cleaning measures, all while practicing social distancing and recommended hygiene measures.

Medela is committed to continuing to serve our patients, customers and employees with the highest level of care and support during these uncertain times.

Thank you for your trust.

Yours sincerely,

Medela AG

Annette Brüls